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Advanced Boat Design Tailored Composite Complete Solution  

     The long Standing experience of Motomarine in the design of Composite Boats has provided strategic know how in the construction of substantially more advanced composite structures. The extensive portfolio of Composite materials and the variety of laminating techniques provides the end-user of the Motomarine products a wider range of options and solutions. From Low Heat revealing structures, to ultra weight Carbon Fibre Products the application of our unique material engineering supplies limitless options.

     The application of our designs is numerous and widespread ranging from speed increase methods to revolutionary reinforcement techniques Motomarine currently employs the latest materials to reach new levels of speed, weight, strength and endurance in its vessels.


     Our R&D department is committed in constantly testing panels of complex laminating structures incorporating Kevlar, Carbon, 3D Fabric ultimately translating to greater efficiency to accommodate the demanding needs of Private and Government customers worldwide.


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