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Invader Magna 960
Rigid Inflatable Boat

The Invader represents the most modern troop carrier rib currently operated by the Hellenic Army Special Forces. Studied at Hellenic Metsovo University the Rib represents the limits of speed and seakeaping abilities in its specific size. Mobile and agile it is capable to transport 15 troops plus 3 crew (one driver and one forward and aft gunner) at speeds in excess of 48 Knots (full load) whilst maintaining integrity even at Sea State four (4). Special care is taken in the reduction of spray and lateral / vertical acceleration while the anti-vibration seating installed reduce wear of personnel. With an operational range of 150 NM the boat is capable to infiltrate hostile waters and under the cover of a forward 0,50mm Automatic Gun and an Aft 40mm Automatic Granade Launcher the Magna 9,60 represents a tool of war not to be trifled with used in countless tactical scenarios.

Thirty-two (32) in total are under the operation of the Hellenic Army Special Forces and Recon while an additional seven (7) are operated by the Engineers Corps. Suitable to deal with a range of Scenarios the Magna Invader RIB is available in different version to suit alternative mission always delivering its payload fast and efficiently.

Length Overall (incl. App.) 9,57m


Breadth (max.) 3,28m
Tubes Diameter (max) 58cm
Mean Draft (static) 0,65m approx.
Maximum height incl. RollBar 2,90m
Tubes Material 1670 Dtex Hypalon/Neopren
Independent No. of air chambers 9
Propulsion Inboard Stern Drive
Speed 50 - 60 Knots


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