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     Construction is only one part of the MOTOMARINE family. Our experience has shown clearly that it is through our extensive after-sales commitment that we find ourselves in the high end of the Composite Specialized Shipyards. Our company provides training and support to the personnel of our customers and the users of our vessels. From basic to more advanced applications, our company provides training to all and each installed component including the main engines and electronics to the end users enabling them to maintain their platforms in full operational capacity and operate same to the limits of their operational capacity.

     Our after sales engineers are always on standby, providing total support throughout the life cycle of our vessels allowing our customers to fully utilize their platforms. Via our Preventive Maintenance Schedule, our customers enjoy long trouble free operation, a key determinant to our success over the years. Our after sales service includes maintenance, repairs, consulting, and our design packages supply forecast on materials, labor and management usage as necessary.


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